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Boulot, dodo, boulot, dodo

March 29th, 2010 smpian11

Despite the fact that I escaped my life ‘strasbourgeoise’ a weekend ago, it seems like I have not had a break in ages. This past week I finished a very important of my ICIP (cultural immersion project that all French study abroad students must to): research. I finally interviewed all those I had to interview to finish the last part of my ICIP. Now, please don’t take that to mean that I am almost done with it, since I have only actually written about 2/5 of it, but I have all the information to write it now. All I need is time and inspiration to finish it. Don’t ask me when those will come around.

My weekend was incredibly uncomfortable yet satisfying at the same time, this because it was my first (and only) camping weekend with my louvettes (girl scouts). From Saturday to Sunday we (myself and 3 other cheftaines) were responsible for 22 little girls in a small village outside of Strasburg.

Thankfully, the weekend concluded without any problems. Except of course for the rain. The rain that fell as we tried to start the fire for the food, the rain that fell as I tried to cook the various delicious meals in the fire (pasta, rice, chicken), the rain that fell as we were starting our evening activities and forced us to run to the barn. The barn, thank God, was where we slept, which saved us the trouble of setting up tents and getting wet during the night. Not that we slept at all, since we had to be constantly comforting girls that cried or woke up with nightmares.

Regardless, come the morning it was a wonderful experience. We had the opportunity to assist in the Convent mass on Sunday, then we played games and there was enough sun to spend the day outside. The fire was also much more cooperative, somehow the ashes from the previous night were strong enough that we did not need to use matches anymore. Before I knew it, it was 6pm and I was in the shower at home.

I would have loved to crawl into bed, but we had dinner at Malou’s since she wanted to celebrate my and Kate’s birthdays together because they are conveniently a week apart. So I headed to Malou’s and ended my Sunday in the company in the people that are closest to me here. It is always nice to go to her place, we talk for hours without noticing and in no time it is midnight.

Needless to say I am dying today. My back is killing me, I caught a minor flu, and the allergies barely let me breath. But it was worth it 😛 The weeks to come will be of official vacations: Pâques (or Easter break). After these four days of work-class-sleep (boulot, dodo, boulot, dodo), it’s over until April 19th 😛 I don’t have many travels planned since prices are very high, but I am going to Amsterdam and my boyfriend is coming over to my lovely French city for the weekend. So, I shall write again on the 19th!


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