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May 16th, 2010 smpian11

Well, two exams down, two to go. And in the middle of it all was our last outing with chère Malou yesterday. We had pushed this trip back because we hopped the weather would rise up to the occasion and be what it’s supposed to be, SPRING, but it never has, so we stopped waiting and headed to Heidelberg yesterday. It is a small town in Germany about one and a half hours away from Strasbourg.

First stop was the castle, of course there is always a castle, there are probably as many castles as there are hills in Germany and France. This castle was no Versailles or Haut-Koenigsbourg; it had no rooms and oddly enough, it had a pharmacy museum inside. In any case it was particular in that is was meant to be a fortress and not a home, and its gardens used to be one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

The town itself was very nice, though not my favorite. We had our last fancy lunch together so of course I went all out and had my last German schnitzel with asparagus soup and knodels. It was yummy and so filling that I did not have dinner last night. Then we walked and walked for about two hours. Of course as usual I hunted H&M down only to try out like 5 things and not buy any, and Malou made us go and look at artisanal jewelry that imitated medieval craftsmanship. All in all it was an amazing day. All twelve hours of it (yes, the downside is you have to be at Malou’s place at 8am for these trips, but at least we stop for some croissants on the way :P)

I suppose the nicest thing about yesterday was that we got to catch up after so much traveling and ash cloud chaos, and we realized it was our very last outing with Malou in Strasbourg and Junior year students at Holy Cross. Even if we come back here in a year, which I very much look forward too, even if we live in Strasbourg again, which I don’t think I’ll do, the experience will never be the same.

So I savor it now, before I go back to studying for my next exam on Wednesday…

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