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The Last Meal

May 23rd, 2010 smpian11

This is not intended to be biblical, but us Strasbourg students (just 2) have really entered the “this is the last” stage. Indeed, these are our last days in Strasbourg, and who knows when, if at all, we will be back. Yesterday we had our last Saturday afternoon with Malou.

We had to write our family evaluations and decided to make it a whole evening by eating together instead of meeting at a cafeteria as done in previous years. Naturally, I suggested a last soirée crepes at Malou’s, but in the end the sun decided to grace us with its presence so Malou took us out for dinner at a terrace place in Kehl, Germany.

It was truly magical. There were tons of kids playing in the park and the garden (most of them half naked, some of them nude), and tons of peoples sitting out in the terrace drinking, eating, and enjoying the weather that just 24 hours before had made me wear my winter coat. The place was amazing. It was what they call a Beer Garden, just because you sit around the garden and drink beer.

The restaurant itself was a kind of gazebo with open doors that gave way into the terrace. The terrace was built with wood covered with plants that only let the sunrays shine through. It was simply lovely. There were more French people than German, and the waiter of course, was Alsatian.

So we ate schnitzel –again- and fries and wine and were so full that it took us two hours of chatting afterwards to be able to get up and drive again. We left at around 10 p.m. and the sun was still out. Unbelievable. You can’t beet that as a wonderful last meal of us three together.

I mean, the official last meal will be on Tuesday with the host parents, but it will not be the same. When it’s just the three of us we can talk about so much more. So to me, that was the last meal.

So packing has begun, as well as the shopping for things that I want to incorporate into my daily life no matter where I am, like the French press coffee maker :P. My last exam is on Wednesday, after which I head to Geneva for a couple of days before leaving the European continent for a long time….

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